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Different kinds of Cycling Shoes and Spin shoes

Cycling shoes and Spin shoes are made solely for the purpose of indoor or outdoor cycling. Just like you have tennis shoes for tennis and Triathlon shoes for Triathlon activities, Spin shoes are made with the sole purpose of providing safety and comfort to the bicyclist on indoor as well as outdoor bikes. Depending on the intensity and type of workout, one can have a great deal of variety in the Spin shoes. For example, there are a few key characters that these shoes are supposed to have; these include rigidity as well as a system for attaching the shoes to the Indoor/spinning bike. Based on this, there are several variations in spin shoes, their designs and styles.

Most spin shoes today have been designed to work with clip-less pedal systems. What this basically means is that there is an arrangement for attaching a cleat to the shoe which connects to the pedal of the bike. In the early 1980s cycling shoes had an adjustable shoe-plate on their soles that helped them adhere to the quill pedals of the bikes.

Modern spin shoes, on the other hand, cater to two varieties of clip-less pedals: for the indoor bike and the mountain bike. Mountain bike pedals require a shoe that has a cleat which resides inside the sole of the shoe. This allows the rider to walk and hike in these shoes once he dismounts. On the other hand, road bikes have a wider cleat design that does not allow for comfortable walking. At the same time, these shoes do allow better transfer of power while riding and hence are more comfortable on longer bike rides. Some mountain bikes also have a two cleat system which allows for inclusion of two spikes in the toe region for better footing.

Apart from mountain and road bicycles, you can have shoes specially designed for track racing, casual biking, winter racing and many other cycling events. The sizing of the shoes also varies from country to country but most standard sizing chart followed worldwide is the European sizing.

The other major variation in cycling shoes comes in the material used for making the soles. The cheaper varieties of spin shoes use a synthetic plastic molded sole and this is heavier and prone to bending. The medium range of shoes utilizes a mixture of plastic and fiberglass whereas the most expensive varieties use complete fiber glass for the sole. Naturally, depending on the material used; the weight of the shoe varies and this, in turn, affects a rider’s performance. The variety made of fiber glass can weigh over 650 grams.

Triathlon competitions require cyclists to wear special shoes that do not require socks, dry easily and be worn quickly. This is because the riders need to change quickly from swimming to running to cycling.  To save time, the shoes are left clipped to the bike pedals, so the rider only needs to slip it on and quickly start pedaling.Track cycling events also require special cycling shoes that are lightweight yet rigid so that riders can transfer all their power to the bikes.

These are just some of the types of spin shoes and cycling shoes designed for use with various types of bikes and cycling events.


Tips for picking the right spin shoes for Spinning® class

Tips for picking the right spin shoes for Spinning® class.

Taking Care of Your Spin shoes

Taking Care of Your Spin shoes.

Tips for picking the right spin shoes for Spinning® class

When you are starting a Spinning class, you have to purchase indoor cycling shoes. A little bit of research in this area is necessary as the wrong shoes can end up wasting your money.

You need to determine the type of pedaling system installed on the bikes, prior to purchasing the spinning shoes. You also need to see whether you will be using the shoes solely for indoor cycling, or whether you can use them for road and mountain biking as well. You can ask the instructor as well as fellow-students regarding the type of shoes they wear. These tips can be insightful in the purchase of spin shoes. The final question you need to consider is your budget. You should consider getting spin shoes with thick durable sole and sturdy yet breathable construction. The shoes should have a dependable Velcro or other restraining system that holds the spin shoes securely in place.

The world of Spinning®: buying effective spin shoes

A 40 minute spinning workout can help you burn up to 500 calories! It naturally helps if you have the right kind of spin shoes to enhance the workout.

The wrong footwear worn during spinning can cause unnecessary muscle fatigue. One can also get leg cramps due to the improper grip between the shoes and the pedals of the spinning bike.

If you are considering taking up spinning seriously, you need to invest in good quality spin shoes. There are many top brands that are renowned for their spinning shoes. But you still need to determine the right kind of shoes that the particular bike requires. It is best to ask fellow spinners and even the spin instructor about the right kind of shoes. Wearing regular sneakers or tennis shoes for spinning can ‘cause your feet to collapse’ leading to severe aches and pains.

The right spin shoes, on the other hand, will help you transfer all the leg energy to the pedals to maximize your workout.

Taking Care of Your Spin shoes

Spin shoes or Indoor cycling shoes need some TLC. After all, have you not invested a great deal of money on them? Why not go the distance and maintain them, so that you can make the most of this investment? That apart, spin shoes, when maintained well, can enhance your Spinning performance, reduce fatigue on long rides and exercise the right group of muscles. This will help you see more toned legs and thighs and also help you weight in a short amount of time.

Keeping the shoes dry is of utmost importance. If, due to any reasons, spin shoes get wet, make sure that you dry them out using papers, soft piece of cloth etc. If there is dirt on the shoes, especially MTB shoes or road cycling footwear, ensure that you brush it off gently. The inner soles or foot-beds can also be removed and dried separately. Many commercial driers are also available which can help dry the shoes overnight with a warm gentle air-flow. I have personally found the technique of packing newspapers to work the best. Depending on the wetness level, you might need to replace the paper with dry ones every few hours.

When you shop for spin shoes, ensure that you also invest in shoes covers to slip on the shoes in cold, wet weather. This rubberized material helps enhance the water proofing of the shoes and also keeps your feet warm to some extent. Apart from that, toe covers are also available providing warmth to your feet, and they are also a less bulky option.

Which are the Best brands For Indoor Cycling Shoes?

If you consider the best indoor cycling shoes, then most probably they would have been manufactured by names you have already heard. These include Pearl Izumi, Reebok, Nike, Shimano,  and SIDI.  While some are famous in the cycling world, other brands are general sport manufacturers. They do not just make cycling shoes, but are more famous for regular sports shoes, sorts apparel etc. But as far as men’s cycling shoes are concerned, SIDI, SHimano and Nike as well as Shimano SPD cleats are the most necessary for getting you ready for some sweaty Spinning sessions.

As far as SIDI is concerned, this has some very impressive ranges as far as styles, breath-ability and overall functionality of spin shoes is concerned: Dominator, Giau, Vigo, and the Tork, are just a few popular names. Among the Shimano brand, one can purchase the nylon meshed lightweight shoes like the  SH-FN20 range. These are light weight and reduce feet perspiration and moreover, you can even walk in them! Some other Shimanos worth mentioning have antibacterial interiors as well as a touch-fasten strap attachment system that helps you to put the shoes ON/OFF quickly. Most of them even weigh below 2 pounds!

There are many places where you can purchase spin shoes and also get great tips regarding the purchase. Many sites sell spinning shoes for clearance pricing. It is important to note that just because the shoes cost less, does not mean that they are of poor quality. Some manufacturers  have come up with cheaper shoes due to less expensive materials used in them, but there is no compromise in the quality. For example, the mesh upper lining is less expensive than carbon fiber material and at the same time , is more cost effective.

Women’s spin shoes  are made specifically for the female cyclists, and are in general more lightweight and breathable. All the while, they keep the feet dry and also enhance the efficiency of the Spinning sessions. Specialized is a good brand for women, with several stylish ranges for the fashion conscious cyclist.

Spin shoes for women with reviews

Today, the market is flooded with spin shoes for women and it can be quite confusing as to which ones to buy. Style is important but of greater importance is the fit of the shoes. There are many websites which give comprehensive reviews of cleats, men’s spin shoes as well as women’s spin shoes. These can be very insightful if you are out to purchase a pair for yourself.

Asics GT-2120-These are one of the best shoes for Spinning as well as running. They have a lighter mid sole and are also suitable for wider feet especially in the heel section. They are reasonably priced and conform to the gender differences of male and female feet.

Women’s SIDI Dominator 5 Shoes- SIDI is one of the most popular brands in spin shoes for men and women both. They are characterized by antibacterial insoles as Spinning can be quite sweaty. They are also padded on the inside for maximum comfort while pedaling.

Adidas AdiStar Trail 3
These can be fetched at a higher price of over $100,  but are perfect for spinning workout. Women looking for shoes in different colors  for a fashion statement can be satisfied with the Adidas brand. Along with colors, the brand also makes these shoes extremely light weight and comfortable to enhance the performance .

Shimano SH-WF21 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes-Women looking for a dependable brand can rely greatly on Shimano.  These are available in stores as well as in many online outlets. If you have tried a size in this brand, you can go ahead and shop online confidently. But as far as indoor cycling shoes are concerned, it is best to try on the brand. Right fit of the shoes is very essential for enhanced workout and also for injury prevention.

Moreover, if you shop online, do keep the receipts in case you want to return the products. For further details on purchasing spin shoes here is a beginner’s guide.